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Candle ID No. Explained

At Shine Lab, we're all about creating a personalized candle experience that resonates with your unique style and preferences. As part of our commitment to making your candle journey extraordinary, we introduce you to a special feature: the Candle ID Number. In this post, we'll shed light on what this number means and why it's a key element of your Shine Lab experience.

What is the Candle ID Number?

Your Candle ID Number is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each Shine Lab candle. It's your candle's digital fingerprint, a mark of its individuality. This number is more than just a sequence of characters; it's your gateway to a world of information and connections.

Why is the Candle ID Number Important?

  1. Personalization: When you create a personalized candle with us, your Candle ID Number links your fragrance and style preferences to the specific candle you've designed. It's a vital part of the magic that goes into crafting a candle that resonates with your essence.

  2. Traceability: Ever wondered about the ingredients in your candle or where they come from? Your Candle ID Number allows you to trace the origin of every component in your candle, ensuring transparency and quality.

  3. Reordering Made Easy: Fell in love with your Shine Lab candle and want to recreate the experience? Simply provide your Candle ID Number, and we'll craft another candle that captures the same magic.

  4. Customer Support: If you ever have questions or need assistance with your Shine Lab candle, sharing your Candle ID Number with our customer support team helps us provide you with tailored assistance and solutions.

How to Find Your Candle ID Number:

Your Candle ID Number is typically located on the bottom of your candle's container or packaging. It's a combination of letters and numbers that's unique to your candle. Keep it handy; it's your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your Shine Lab experience.

Share Your Shine Lab Story:

We'd love to hear about your unique Shine Lab candle experience! If you've created a candle with us, tell us about it in the comments below, and don't forget to include your Candle ID Number if you'd like to share the specific magic behind your creation.

At Shine Lab, we're dedicated to making every candle more than just a source of light; we're here to illuminate your moments and inspire your senses. Your Candle ID Number is your passport to this extraordinary journey. Embrace the glow, embrace the magic, and let your Shine Lab candle light up your world.

With radiant warmth,

Shine Lab

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