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Bright, Curated, Candles Made with Care and Intention

Shine Lab Co. is commmitted to making products that shine.


We wanted to create a candle company that cares about each individual and their lifestyle. Whether it's lighting a Shine Lab Co. candle during a productive work sesh, right after you accomplish a fresh clean sweep of your home, or before a night in with the homies, we want to illuminate your space for those special moments. Which is why Shine Lab Co. cares to get to know your preferences and curates each candles with you in mind. 

Not only do we love our customers, we also love the environment and do our very best to limit our impact. We paid attention to every detail in choosing the materials that do better. From upgrading to recycled glass and cork, to choosing the most sustainable wax, to packaging with 100% compostable mailing materials. We are conscious about the ingredients we put into our candles, and avoid synthetic and harmful toxins. We do our best to leave a more positive mark on the planet. Learn more about our ingredients and  sustainability efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Now let's learn more about you, and create a candle just as bright and unique! Take the candle quiz!



At Shine Lab Co., we carefully select the best ingredients we put into our candles. We want to make your home and our earth a brighter place, which is why we're conscious of our non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly materials.

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